Terri Clark

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Congrats to Robbie H.! Robbie is our Monthly Music Memory winner for September! Robbie’s story is about Terri’s song, “Longer.”


“Longer” is a song that has a special meaning in the words for me. I had almost given up on finding my “soulmate” and was resigned to just go through life unhappy. But I had someone tell me that I should change my situation and find happiness because I only had one life in which to do it. I put myself out there and joined the Hat Brats where I met someone very special. At first, we were friends and talked a lot about music and photography. We attended shows together with cameras in hand. Along the way, we found we loved being together and hated being apart so we decided we should try a relationship. I have never been happier and only regret that we hadn’t met sooner… We often joke around that Terri keeps writing songs about us…

“Coulda had that smile to lighten up my darker nights

Coulda held you in my arms a few more times

I don’t think that I could love you

Love you any better

Love you any deeper

Any stronger

I know this is just the start

Start of our forever

If only I had found you sooner

I coulda loved you longer”


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