Terri Clark

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Holly’s Terri Clark Story

My favorite memory so far is from last year. I had my breast cancer reconstruction surgery on May 23rd. I knew the Fan Club Party was just a week & a half away after that. I was determined to heal & feel better fast so I could make the trip from Texas to Nashville. I knew I could & I DID! I heard Anita Cochran sing ‘Fight Like a Girl’ for the first time at the fan club party. Afterwards, we met and shared a hug and a few tears. I was SO exhausted during the trip, but I had so many hat brats looking after me & making sure I was feeling okay. Anita couldn’t believe I had made the trip. It was very memorable. Love my Hat Brat family.

Shows Attended: 15 or more, I’ve lost count!
Distance Traveled: All the way to Las Vegas

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