Terri Clark

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Little Drummer Boy Album Cover

To get into the holiday spirit, Terri Clark has released her own take on a holiday favorite, “Little Drummer Boy.” Hear her version NOW.

“I could only put so many songs on my first Christmas album, It’s Christmas…Cheers!, last year. After we finished recording it, we thought what else could we do to keep the spirit going into the next year? Since “Little Drummer Boy” is a lot of people’s favorite song, we thought we’d put a new spin on it, and put it out this year. I play the guitar and my drummer Chuck played the percussion part. It’s a really organic version, that I hope you love!”

Terri has also autographed more It’s Christmas…Cheers! vinyl records. Get yours, and other holiday merchandise, before they are gone. Shop NOW.

Listen to “Little Drummer Boy” HERE and then get ready for the holidays with It’s Christmas…Cheers! HERE.