Terri Clark

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I’m honored to post stories of frontline workers. I want to personally thank them for their hard work and for reminding us that hard times don’t create heroes, they reveal them. – Terri 

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Tara Rocchio’s Tribute to Kelly Richards

My niece Kelly works at a nursing home that specializes in patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. When CoViD hit the nursing home, none of the recreational therapists wanted to work with the ill patients. Nobody but Kelly that is. Despite knowing that she would have to isolate and not be able to visit her dying grandfather, or be there to console her mother when he passed, she bravely volunteered to work in the CoViD ward and proceeded to brighten the lives of those fighting this terrible virus. She sat by their bedsides, held their hands, conducting video chats with their families and did everything she could to keep their spirits up. Kelly has missed a lot in the last year as she continues to work with CoViD patients and deserves recognition for all that she does for others. She is truly my hero.