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I’m honored to post stories of frontline workers. I want to personally thank them for their hard work and for reminding us that hard times don’t create heroes, they reveal them. – Terri 

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Missy Waller’s Tribute to Annie Waller

Annie Waller is a “Kinship Coordinator” for KVC Kansas- Caring for Children & Families in Crisis.  She works with the relatives and “non-related” kin to help provide safe & loving homes for children who are not able to be cared for by their biological parents. The goal is for the child to feel safe and secure in a familiar and living environment.

Her hours are CRAZY. Quite often 7 days a week and late into the evening. It’s heart-wrenching and these children come from unimaginable situations that are completely out of their control.  The pay is minimal but Annie would never leave a child without a smile on his or her face who doesn’t feel the least bit safe.
Home visits can be the hardest, and where she has seen the worst of the worst. Quite often there are kids who are withdrawn & won’t speak to anyone. Annie has a way about her that makes them smile and even laugh. She touches the hearts of everyone with whom she comes in contact.
She and the people she works with are true heroes.