Terri Clark

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I’m honored to post stories of frontline workers. I want to personally thank them for their hard work and for reminding us that hard times don’t create heroes, they reveal them. – Terri 

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Marissa Aloiz’s Tribute:

Meet Angela, she is an awesome cashier at a local grocery store and she is always smiling. She uplifts everyone which is especially welcome during these times. Angela is so awesome that she gave out tea to customers waiting in line to get into the store just to bring a little light into their day. She hopes to provide everyone with a bit of comfort and Angela is also a really big Paul McCartney fan who also sings The Beatles to her customers. She is the sweetest cashier ever and fills the store with so much positivity and joy! Angela has given over 5,000 teabags and way over 10,000 boxes of tea. She provides comfort to all especially in these times.