Terri Clark

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Congrats to Amelia S.! She is our Monthly Music Memory winner for April! Amelia’s submission is about Terri’s song, “Emotional Girl.”

“Emotional Girl”

I would say my favourite Terri Clark song is “Emotional Girl.” I mean, really any song from her album Just The Same, but “Emotional Girl” is definitely at the top. The album came out in 1996, the same year I was born, and I remember singing “Emotional Girl” on my way to daycare when I could barely talk, let alone understand what any of the lyrics meant! Somehow I knew all of the words!  The song still resonates with me and I connect so much with the lyrics.  “‘Cause I can‘t stop once I start, and I never could do anything, with half my heart” are lyrics that I literally live by today. When I take on something new I do it with all of my energy and attention. No half hearting it. Terri Clark always will be my favourite artist (and probably human)  because it’s so obvious that she loves what she does and watching someone love their passion as much as she does is absolutely inspiring.

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