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Terri spoke with American Songwriter about hew latest song, “The Highway.” Read an excerpt below and the full article HERE.

Eight years after Holly Williams released “The Highway” as the title track of her 2013 album, Canadian country star Terri Clark, reincarnates the mournful track under a painfully relevant new context.

“The song is about having what you know ripped from you,” says Clark. “In this case, it’s not just what I know, but my fans, staff, band, venues, bar owners, bus drivers—everyone’s livelihood. We are the last ones that get to get back to doing what we love to do and need to do.”

“The Highway” first resonated with Clark several years ago when she left the road life for a morning show she committed to that had her up daily by 3:30 a.m. The demanding schedule kept her from performing and took a toll on her mental health as she “wasn’t doing what [she] was put here to do.” Clark recalls, “Every time this song played from Holly’s album, I would start weeping.” Fast forward to 2020, and the lyrical content took on a new meaning. “I heard it for all of us,” she continues. “I want so badly to get back out there, so this holds such a universal sentiment at the moment.”