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Write the Next Verse Contest Winner

Congrats to Cynthia T. (ctodd28), the winner of the ‘Write the Next Verse’ contest! Cynthia chose to write the next verse to ‘Not Enough Tequila’ and will receive lyrics to the original song written and signed by Terri!
Thanks to everyone who participated!

Here is Cynthia’s ‘lyrical addition’ to “Not Enough Tequila”:
“So after two days of me and the worm,
I got to damn hot, out in the sun
And thought about all the things you’ve done.

Then everything became so clear,
To get the hell away from here
Forget you, oh what was your name?

So here I sit with a drink in my hand
On my front porch so far from the sand
Thinking about what a fool you’ve been
Between your constant nagging and crappy attitude
I found a way to get rid of you
Cause there’s just enough tequila to find someone new.”

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