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  • dan berger

    28.11.2013 at 23:26 Reply

    Do you remember me from Donaldson pike you and your sister and some of the record party’s and such during and after the C.M.A’s and the radio stations that came to town in the spring.I used to work at T.N.N…..Thank you and I am enjoying your music now as much as I enjoyed it in the past….Have a great one ( I remember one night at one of the label get together you were beat from all the interviews and such and I borrowed you for a few minutes to just relax.But they found you and whisked you away…..Oh well that’s music….Dan Berger…

  • LT

    29.11.2013 at 08:17 Reply

    It looks as though the launch of the new web site has been pushed back a few weeks? Was just wondering because there has been no more posts about it and this one is still here. Thank you

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