Thanks to your votes, Terri was chosen as the #3 most beautiful woman in all of country music, according to Country Weekly’s latest poll! Pick up the latest issue of Country Weekly to see all the details after checking out the preview below!

Country Weekly - Most Beautiful Women


9 Responses to Terri Voted as #3 in CW’s “Most Beautiful Women of Country Music” Poll

  1. Kimber Hubbard says:

    My husband and I were just having this conversation the other day.
    My husband believes you are the most beautiful woman in Country music, from the first time he laid eyes on you.
    We all have that fantasy man or woman in the back of head, some of us will voice it to their partner others live in silence.
    I think he has made a wonderful choice in you.
    Thank you Terri for your beauty and mostly your gift to is all your voice!

  2. Vining Wolff says:

    Easily one of the most striking and stunning women in the world, never mind only the country music industry.

    Congrats. You make Alberta proud.

  3. Don Phelps says:

    Hi Terri,
    Your the greatest. Remember a Packer buddy in Peoria, who let you put his hat on? Well I have loved your singing since then. Love to send you a photo of that day. How do I get hold of someone to send it to? God Bless you dear lady.

  4. ted says:

    You are number 1 in my book!

  5. No suprise for me to hear Terri made the list of the most beautiful women! Was just hoping and believing it would be slot 1 or 2, however #3 is nothing to sneeze at! Terri you deserve every award you recieve and a lot that you don’t. You put so much hard work into your work and you have a huge fan base. Anybody that has seen a concert or even heard your a CD can tell you they are a huge fan after the first one. And people that are introduced to you by any friend become a fan as well. Keep up the great work, always looking for new achievments from you!

  6. QUEEN says:

    congratulations ….sweet write up….and Always loved that pic too!!:) Best of luck on your new 2014 album…wishing you a lovely and joyful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, 2013 Holidays….:) Oh, and Congrats on your radio gig….I try to tune in when I can…..keep up the great work….love and blessings, QUEEN!!:)

  7. Brenda says:

    congratulations TC! Even though this type of contest may not be “your” thing, your fans know that you are beautiful inside and out! :)

  8. Salt Lake City Red says:

    Awesome…..Good for you!
    You’re certainly blessed in ‘that’ department.
    Your song writing and singing isn’t too bad, either!
    Coffee yet…??

  9. trisha says:

    Congrats Terri!

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