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Terri Clark Kicks Up Her “Gypsy Boots” July 20

Nashville: Terri Clark 00 with her brash laugh, driving songs and great big hat – has always been a woman to blaze her own kind of trail through modern country music. Frank, full-tilt real woman songs paved the way for a record 8 Canadian Country Music Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year Awards and her high energy shows have made her a concert favorite around the world, so when it came time for Clark to pick a first single from her first self-produced The Long Way Home, the answer was the blues-charged “Gypsy Boots.”

“It was this fun song I’d written that was kind of like my life,” Clark says with a laugh. “I started doing it in the shows acoustic – because it says a lot about who I am, where I come from… and the fans just went wild for it! So, wild that we decided to work it up with the band… People were coming up to the merch table asking when or how they could get it. It was completely organic, and also completely me.

“But the other thing about the song is that even though it’s specific to me or a traveling musician, it’s everybody. Everybody’s restless… everybody wants to have that moment when they’re completely free and rocking… where they’re totally alive, and I think people plugged in pretty hard on that vibe.”

With it’s chorus of “I was born in gypsy boots, guitar on my back/ Rebel soul and attitude, just like Johnny Cash…,” “Gypsy Boots” is a celebration of seizing life by the horns, and the way people can live full-tilt in the brink. It arrives at secondary radio on July 20h – and is available to all stations on CDX and Play MPE.

“Like everything with this record, we’re going places we’ve never been, doing things ways we’ve never done them. This feels like taking the music straight to the people living it,” Clark admits. “I’m lucky in that my fans are pretty aggressive – and I say that in a good way… and they believe in this music. For us, I think they’d rather help us figure this stuff out to have the real stuff, and so we’re gonna try some new things, seek some unconventional opportunities and tell the real about where we all are in our lives.

“I’ve not been able to play The Long Way Home for a lot of people, but the ones I have have been blown away, which feels good when you make a decision like this,” Clark explains. “In Canada where the single dropped last week, it was the second most added single in any format. ANY format? I mean, for a little record that could, that’s kinda crazy – but that’s the way people are responding.”

Balancing her time between being in Canada with her mother who’s recovering from a recent bout of treatment and concerts, the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year is gearing up for a September release on The Long Way Home. Her first new music in almost three eyars, the singer/songwrtier/guitarslinger, who wrote or co-wrote all 12 tracks, is ready to get back to making her kind of country her way for the people who like their’s a little bit tougher, stronger, realer and packed full with life the way people working for a living live it


  • Ron

    13.07.2009 at 17:08 Reply

    You have your “Gypsy Boots” and I had my combat boots. I hope that you love your boots as much as I did mine. P.S., at least yours won’t give you blisters.

  • 9ers

    14.07.2009 at 09:56 Reply


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