A Million Ways To Run

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Terri says…

Probably the most personal song I’ve ever written. I was in Hawaii on vacation, doing some pretty heavy soul searching, and reading, when this song was born. My Mom even helped me with a couple of lines along the way . It’s a song about reaching a point in your life when you realize that what you’ve been doing, and how you’ve been dealing ( or not dealing) with uncomfortable emotions, feelings, and thoughts, isn’t working anymore.

We ALL have ways of coping, and the hard thing to do is to face it head on ,instead of running away. We all have ways of running, and I’ve certainly had mine. I figured, hell let’s try telling the truth, and see what happens. I am already getting a lot of feedback from people who relate to this song on many levels.


Written by-Terri Clark

In the basement of the church.
I took the last chair in the room
Embarrassed and ashamed,
but that all began to change,
when she stood up and spoke her truth.

She said ” I came here years ago, when I lost my sanity,
I hit an all time-low,
but then I found serenity.
I took shelter hiding from the pain, in any place
to make it go away.

In the arms of a stranger
keeping company with danger,
or staring’ down the barrel of a gun
At the bottom of a bottle,
getting numb with every swallow,
it’s easy, when it’s what you’ve always done,
With a Million Ways to Run

I was the first one out the door
But her words echoed in my head
I took the long way home
but no longer felt alone
Cause I’d lived everything she said
I thought about lost moments of my past
And then I knew, there was no going back…..

To the arms of a stranger
Keeping company with danger
or staring’ down the barrel of a gun
The bottom of a bottle,
Getting numb with every swallow
Cause it’s easy, when it’s what you’ve always done
With a Million Ways to Run

There’s a freedom I have found
In staying on the ground
Long enough, to chase those demons down….

And I thank God I know I’m Not the only one,
with A Million ways to run…..