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Move Over Bro-Country, The “Bra-Country” Revolution Has Begun

“…well at least they’ve got a catchy name. And that’s a start.

In hopes of aligning themselves as the antithesis to the whole “bro-country” phenomenon gripping popular country music with its laundry list, truck and beer, mud-splashed and moonshine-soaked stereotyping, a couple of female artists have decided to adopt the new “bra-country” term to help separate the women from the bros.

The term appears to have originated from Canadian country star and co-host of NASH-FM’s American’s Morning Show Terri Clark. On January 10th, Terri took to her social networks to declare, “I’m starting a movement called ‘Bra Country’….to compete with all of this ‘Bro Country’….c’mon girls !!!,” The proverbial “I’m a woman, hear me roar” moment resonated with many, and bra-country was off and running.”

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