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Message From Linda

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I had a bit of a set back in Feb. but it’s been a steady uphill climb since then. I feel like the energizer bunny, who just keeps going and going. In spite of the odds and in spite of what the doctors told me, my batteries have not run out yet! And I know what is keeping my batteries charged…the most powerful energy of all…”love”! God’s love and grace has poured down on me ever since my battle began and continues to embrace me each day.

I am a firm believer in the awesome power of prayer and words cannot express what my heart felt when I read all your posts after Terri told you all about my episode in Feb. By the time I was finished reading them all, I was crying, I was so touched, and I actually felt a warm glow inside and knew God’s love was at work right at that very moment. When I read Hank’s note about his friends praying for me at the wall in Jerusalem, I felt so very humbled. I am so grateful for ALL your prayers, I cannot thank you enough. Your love and prayers and constant vigil is a big part of why I am still here. I have been called a miracle, and we know there is only once place miracles come from.

I continue to work hard at maintaining a very healthy lifestyle….lots of very nutritious food, wonderful drinking water, exercise and trying to remain positive and prayerful. In attempting to step things up a notch or two..or several :), I now see a Naturopathic Oncologist who has me on an excellent protocol of supplements including Mistletoe injections (Actress Suzanne Sommers attributes her success over breast cancer to mistletoe) We will be looking for good news the end of May when I have my next ultra sound and Terri will be sure to share that good news with you all.

I would like to thank everyone who passed gifts along for me through Terri. I brought them all home with me after I visited Terri in Nashville in November. I don’t know who made me the beautiful pink “Love & be Loved” quilt. I have it on the couch in my office and show it off to everyone who visits. I was so touched by such a kind gesture and deep meaning, not to mention all the hard work that went into making it. I would love to thank you personally.

In closing, (for this time) I would like to mention that we are starting up an informative website for those who are interested in Alternative Treatments for Cancer (& other illnesses). It should be up and running within a week or so and Terri will link it here on her Website for you to all have a look. Going “outside the box” has worked for many others and so far is working for me, so ‘sharing’ is the least we can do. I was supposed to be gone 4 months ago, in December, according to my prognosis last May and was doing well up maintaining until Feb, bounced back from my ordeal very quickly, have gained 7 lbs in the last 6 weeks and have more energy than I have had in 10 months, so I am hoping what I am doing will inspire others NOT to give up when a doctor tells them they only have so many months to live. Only God Almighty knows the answer to that.

Blessing to everyone…I love you all!!

Linda Clark


  • Rylee Clark

    10.04.2013 at 20:53 Reply

    This made me cry just reading this.

    Terri, your mom was an amazing woman and I’m sure you carry on some of her best qualities in your life now. Stay strong and keep making the music that speaks your truths . . .

    ♡, Rylee Clark

  • Beaulah Mourad

    07.06.2013 at 12:09 Reply

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