Jenee FleenorJeneĆ© Fleenor, a native of Springdale, Arkansas, started with the Suzuki Violin method of training at only 3 years old. At the age of 5 she started learning fiddle tunes, and soon after her parents had her traveling around to fiddle contests, talent competitions, and festivals to hone in on their daughter’s talents.

Well, it must’ve all paid off because a few weeks after moving to Nashville (just out of high school) she quickly got a gig with well known songwriter, and bluegrass band, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, played the Grand Ole Opry a couple months after moving to town, and only a year and a half later got a call to audition for the country music star, Terri Clark. She passed that audition with flying colors and has now been a part of the Terri Clark band since 2002. Accomplishing just a few of her lifetime goals in such a short time after moving to Nashville was (and still is) an incredible experience. When JeneĆ© is not on the road she is spending her time writing songs.

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  1. Larry McCorkle says:

    I was at the, “GOING BACK TO HARLAN BLUE GRASS FESTIVAL” & had the bpleasure of meeting you. I was the one that told you, “Today I fell in love with a fiddle player.”

  2. [...] Bales (Union Station), with Joel Keys playing guitar and Aubrie Haynie and Jenee’ Fleenor (Terri Clark) splitting fiddle duties. That is an impressive lineup of musicians and they do excellent work on [...]

  3. Todd says:

    Was passing thru Nashville on a Tuesday night like 2 years ago, stopped at Station Inn to tape Mashville Brigade and you played a few songs with them. It only took me 2 years to figure out your name :)Unbelievable talent, keep it up. Can’t wait to see you playing some more bluegrass someday.

  4. shelby wellwood-sawatzky says:

    Hi, you are an amazing fiddle player. i play the fiddle to and was wondering where i could get the notes for terri clark song with the fiddle in them. And guitar cords with the violin cords because it would be a joy to learn how to play my favorite violin players songs. Hope to here back from you thank you so much. From your biggest 12 year old friend.

  5. KCM says:

    Okay Jenee I checked and I beleive what we where looking at was a Malus Dolgo Tree. Which is simply a Dolgo Crabapple tree, there are so many crabapple trees it makes it hard to be certain, but I know they are commonnly used in Ontario.Yes by the way the are ussaully safe to eat and can be used in jams(they must use a lot of sugar in there jam-lol).Just don’t let the people of Lindsay know you where eating there squirel food.
    Lots of Luck

  6. George says:

    it was the first time i seen a terri clark concert and you do complete the group you are quite a fiddle player and oh what a voice too you should also have a cd just on fiddling tunes that was great

  7. christy says:

    Fledgling fiddler here, only been playing for 4 years, but I thought that you were outstanding at the CCMA’s in Vancouver. Great performance of Gypsy Boots with the strings section too, phenomenal.

  8. Jenee is always amazing…I have never seen anyone rock out on the fiddle like her! :)

    Her album, “the fiddlist” (1999) is a great album. I picked it up back in 2007 at one of TC’s shows and was amazed not only by the fiddle playing, but also by how great Jenee’s voice is. Great album!

  9. Leanne says:

    I am a huge country and bluegrass fan. Jenee is by far the best fiddle player I have seen in my lifetime. Jenee was amazing yesterday at the Southwestern Washington Fair. We love Terry Clark, but was very surprised by her…AMAZING.

  10. Henry (Hank) Wessel says:

    Jacqui and I saw first Jenee in Logan, West Virginia in April 2003. She had only recently joined Terri’s band. To say that we were thrilled by her performance is understatement! We remain mesmerized every time we see her.

  11. John Guinn says:


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