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  • Cindy

    15.03.2014 at 12:57 Reply

    Partial to Roots and Wings, but Fearless good too. So, either would be great or hey how about both! Then and now type thing.

  • Angie

    16.03.2014 at 11:51 Reply

    Hey Terri, just wanna say congrats again on the pledge campaign! Your fans absolutely love and adore you! Boy was it hard to pick just ONE album. I seriously love them ALL!! I have every album of yours but I will honestly say I LOVE LOVE the “Just The Same” album. I know its not listed on the survey but it should be!!! Anyways it doesn’t matter to me what the winner is because they all are winners if ya ask me! Can’t wait for the FCP, I’ve been counting down the days and boy are they dragging!! See ya soon 🙂 xoxo we love ya from Virginia!

  • Coop

    17.03.2014 at 16:31 Reply

    Any thing U sing is going to be AWESOME!!!! I picked “How I FEEL” because it has “Unsung Hero” one of my Favorite songs U sing and I haven’t heard it LIVE in a long time!!!! Counting down the day’s til I head to NashVegas!!!!! Can’t wait to get my TC LIVE Fix!!!!! Also Looking forward to meeting my TC friends from Facebook & Twitter!!!!!!

  • Amy

    17.03.2014 at 17:39 Reply

    If I have to choose just one album i guess I have to pick “How I Feel” but there are so many other great songs on the other album. I could make up a great playlist of all combined…..

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