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TC Charity Hat BannerHi Hat Brats!

A very close friend of mine travels to the Copprome Orphanage in El Progreso, Honduras several times a year to visit the children. Shane has become particularly close to one little boy however the laws prohibit him from adopting this child. He has a HUGE heart and dedicates so much of his own money and time to this little boy and all of the kids at the orphanage. In the spirit of the holiday season, I would love to donate all of the proceeds from the remaining “Autographed Limited Edition Bullhide Hats” that we created for the PledgeMusic campaign to this orphanage for books and materials they need to further their education.

Let’s go Hat Brats!!


Copprome Orphanage Website:

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  • Leslie Buzan

    04.01.2015 at 01:54 Reply

    terri i am a true hat brat. i use to live in st.joseph,mo near the stetson factory. not good when your a hat brat. i own more then i can wear.

    wish i could afford the bull hat but since they put me on disability with first responder/paramedic ptsd it is out of my budget . but i will donate whatever i can. i know what it is like to need the treatment but not being able to afford it so i’ll do all i can. i’m going to try and see you in kc,mo will have to see. if not break a leg girl break a leg.

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